Story of a Girl

Rick Smolan, a photographer explains his experience when he goes to Korea and notices Amerasian (American children being raised in Asia) children living there. He notices a girl named Hyun-Sook Lee who is an American girl who speaks Korean and speaks not a word of English. This was extremely fascinating because I didn’t realize that this was happening, especially American girls. Rick takes photos of Hyun-Sook and her life in Korea, while she is in school, interacting with friends.

In a dramatic turn of events Hyun-Sook’s grandmother gets ill and ask Rick to take care of her in American and Rick agrees to do so. As she lives in American Hyun-Sook chooses the name, Natasha. She learns to speak English at American schools and gets jobs such as Burger King as a teen. She starts to grow up with Rick and lives a life in America and gets married.

Seeing this story made me feel that we are all interconnected and living with different cultures is important to the human soul. When I saw photos of Natasha going back to Korea to see her Korean relatives, you can see the raw emotion on their faces. This was such an emotional story it was really nice to see Hyun-Sook or Natasha grow up in different worlds.


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