Silver and Light: Ian Ruhter Video Reflection



Ian Ruhter is a photographer that was bored of seeing his friends buying the same cameras with the same signature series and decided that he wanted to be unique and try something new. He captures his photos from a camera that he builds himself. Wet plate photography using raw materials. In essence, he is telling a story through his unique ways of capturing an image. Calling it a time machine, because of capturing still, unique moments. Sometimes the image, though, never comes out the way he wants and ultimately gets frustrated. At times he felt like he was going down the wrong path but understands that there are no limits to what he can do and ultimately perseveres through his trials and tribulations.

Ruhter takes many risks and invested lots of money to capture these image from wet plate photography and captures something incredible that has never been done before.  Describes that he is pouring his soul onto a plate capturing an image with “Silver and light” creating an original image. The ultimate time machine and truly a motivational story!


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