Museum of Photographic Arts


MOPA: Museum of Photographic Arts

Prix Pictect: Disorders and India and the Picturesque

I went to Museum of Photographic Arts and saw two exhibitions in Prix Pictect: Disorders and India and the Picturesque. The Disorders exhibition invoked strong emotions of war and chaos with human beings. These were small exhibitions but the quality of photos was there and sparked uneasy emotions, especially a photo where four men were lying in the field dead during times of war. One particular artist that stood out to me was work by Maxim Dondyuk, to which he entitled his work Culture of the Confrontation. These photos included men in riot gear in Siev, Ukraine, filling entire streets but there was crepuscular lighting (god rays) directed to a specific section of men that was extremely intense, either right in the middle or directed to the side of the photo. These photos expressed to me that there is beauty and hope even in times of chaos or conflict, and good versus evil surrounding all of us in our daily lives. Photos that I found most interesting were the still lifes by French artist Valirie Belin, which just shows clutter, but I saw much more than that. My eyes were moving all over the photos to find whatever I could see and try to detect what I was looking at. It felt very abstract and it was exciting to observe.

The other exhibition was India and the Picturesque in which I found really dull and uninteresting. Most of all the photos were of architecture and landscapes and nothing captured my attention and felt like I could grasp every photo just by walking by, no need to stand and observe anything. What made it more unappealing was the lack of color in the photos. Not to say that if there is no color then the photo is terrible. Some photos that are in black and white actually make the photograph better, not with this exhibition. There was one photo by Samuel Bourne and titled, “Paona, Parhutti Hill and Tank”, in which the mountains were reflected in the water. That was actually a nice touch and was the only interesting photo that I saw.


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