Letters to a Young Artist Reflection

I got inspiration from reading Support from Letters to a Young Artist by Anna Deavere Smith. She speaks how support doesn’t just come from money. The people surrounding you give you the most support in times of need. Befriending people from all walks of life rather than focusing on a particular group of people such as artist. Having an open mind about reaching out to others in other fields of work is beneficial because you can broaden your range and open your mind to different perspectives and get rid of stereotypes.

Here I can identify with gaining support from other people that I meet. Sometimes I don’t always meet artist but meet people in business, technology, and accounting. And it’s always nice to hear their point of views and what matters to them. This is great to give your mind support and broaden perspectives.

The two photos represent support with the Statue of Liberty holding and supporting the flame of liberty and the glass marbles supporting each other to rise to the top.


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