My two favorite and least favorite project

The night photography was my most enjoyable project because most of the time we would shoot during the day and we would have to deal with shadows and overexposed lighting. I liked the idea of playing with glow sticks and it was fun to play around with the shutter speed in our camera and try to get the correct timing.  The result was fascinating because I always wondered how they captured lighting like that, now I know how to do it. I had a great time!

Environmental Portraits were another favorite because you got to capture people in the working environments and it felt so natural and in the moment. Nothing was really planned.  Going to the library I felt it was going to be really dull capturing a librarian in his/her environment, but luckily I fell onto an art exhibition and met an exhibitor talking about what the art was about and she explained the intention of the piece and she was extremely gracious and started interacting with the materials. It came out really great because the color of the fabrics really pop out on camera and felt the compositions were well done.

My least favorite project was the panorama project. I really felt I was going to learn the most from the project and I did, just the hard way. It was a learning experience in which I’m glad I did but feel like I can keep practicing moving into the future. Interestingly enough, I got the vertical panorama perfected but had a hard time with the vertical one. Just got to keep perfecting the craft and hope to get it right next time.

I sure did learn a lot this semester. I never picked up a DSLR before this class and now I have the foundation to become much better now that I understand the language. Now, I have the motivation to buy a DSLR camera and become a much better photographer.


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