Artist Panel Lecture at CSUSM

This was one event that I really enjoyed and honestly, I didn’t have big expectations. I knew I didn’t want to go to graduate school and I felt like this lecture was going to be a waste of time. But, it actually was really informative and enjoyed every artist who presented.

David Hewitt: David provided an excellent example of what they are looking for when applying for graduate school. The portfolio he showed was inspiring and engaging. He asked us to think about what’s unique to us, speak a second language, and do quick studies with drawing. And of course, stay versatile with my artwork! Doing what we haven’t done before is extremely important! 🙂

Carol Silverstein: Carol provided fantastic artwork with her use of Mylar (translucent paper) with elaborate patterns and making connections, as she calls her work a “place of discovery”.  Showing renderings of the biology of bones and muscle. I really liked the forks creating ribcages on the human body. She also spoke about how to find a job and speaking to like minded individuals.

Steven Dilly: Steven was an enthusiastic ceramics teacher and a man who seemed passionate for the veterans with PTSD. The art he showed was really inspiring. Veterans cast their face and hands in bronze as a showcase to symbolize their strengths and or weaknesses. Steven brought awareness to those veterans that didn’t have a voice. It was great to see.

Nancy DiBenedetto: Nancy is a military photographer and creates inspiring work by capturing moments in the military that we traditionally we don’t see in our daily lives. Along with her use of fantastic shots of underwater photography. When she is not shooting for the military, she collaborates with her daughter to experiment with photos. Capturing intimate moments in her home and using the auto capture feature to shoot unexpected moments. Always motivated when viewing her photography. She always inspires us to engage and inspire us to do great work and most importantly to take risks.




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